What is Flake Glass and What is it Used For?

Ameriflake glass products are 100% Made in America and are infinitely versatile materials with expanding potential for application in a diverse range of industries. Flake glass is offered for use in many applications, the most common of which include:

  • Anti-corrosion in chemical plants
  • Liners for water tanks, boilers, floor linings, fish tanks, silos, petroleum tanks, marine cooling pipes
  • Liners for road tankers, containers and vessels, fermentation tanks, reservoirs
  • Bottom plate lining and lower sidewalls for petroleum tanks
  • Pipelines
  • Marine Vessels (Boats) and Automotive Paints
  • Roof Coating
  • Substrates for decorative or cosmetic products

When properly used, glass flakes have been shown to increase the chemical resistance of coatings, improve the dimensional stability of moldings, reduce surface waviness, and provide a unique substrate for pigment deposition. New uses for glass flakes are still being found thanks to their unique ability to be engineered to a wide range of specifications.

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Glass flakes are the premier filler in the coatings industry.

Here at Ameriflake Glass, we provide a line of glass flake products that have been proven to improve the durability and lifespan of your coating. Do you have surfaces exposed to extreme wear? Do you have an area prone to chemical attack? Our products have been tested in some of the harshest environments imaginable and have been proven to outlast other fillers. Is your current coating cracking and peeling from being exposed to agents of corrosion or extreme conditions? If so, the addition of glass flake to your coating may be your solution. We offer a range of particle sizes shown in the table below that can be added to both trowel application type coatings and spray application type coatings. We also offer various silane treatments to help the flake glass couple with your resin. Please contact us today to speak with an expert about glass flake.

Our Products

Product Designation Nominal Flake Thickness (Microns) Bulk Density (lbs/ft3) Particle Size Distribution (Microns) Surface Treatment Packaging lb (kg)
ACF-100 5 ± 1 26 ± 5 < 150 (0-20%)
300-710 (30-60%)
710-1700 (0-30%)>1700(0%)
None Kraft bag 44lb (20kg)
ACFT*-100 5 ± 1 26 ± 5 Same as ACF-100 Silane see below Sams as ACF-100
ACF-200 5 ± 1 42 ± 5 < 106 (20-50%)
150-300 (15-45%)
300-710 (0-10%)>710(0%)
None Kraft bag 44lb (20kg)
ACFT*-200 5 ± 1 42 ± 5 Same as ACF-200 Silane see below Same as ACF-200
ACF-300 5 ± 1 55 ± 5 < 45 (70-100%)
None Kraft bag 44lb (20kg)
ACFT*-300 5 ± 1 55 ± 5 Same as ACF-300 Silane see below Same as ACF-300

*Resin Compatibility of Standard Treatments T1 – Polyurethane: T2 – Vinylester: T3 – Epoxy: T4 – Polyester.

Customer Resource: Safety Data Sheet PDF

In addition, tailored silane treatments may be specified. Ameriflake prides itself on the ability to custom engineer its flake products via manipulations of flake composition, flake physical dimensions, and/or flake surface treatment. Let the Ameriflake staff know of your special needs.

Contact Ameriflake today to learn more about our products, our processes, and how you can partner with a high-quality, American-made flake glass manufacturer. Our experienced staff is ready to help with expert advice, flake glass samples, technical inquiries and more! Contact Ameriflake Today.