ACF-105/Special Effects was specifically developed for its visual appearance, but it still provides the same strength and anti-corrosive properties as all of our glass flake products.

Typical uses: Our ACF-105 glass flake was developed for the effects market. We were able to discover an extremely specific particle size distribution, capable of providing a refractive index desired by numerous consumer markets. Our ACF-105 has the ideal aspect ratio, providing a glimmer effect like that of a diamond. Typically, ACF-105 is used as a substrate and is coated with metal alloy or compound, such as Silver or Titanium Dioxide to produce a pigment/product that is truly remarkable.
Applications for ACF 105 include:

  • Substrates for decorative or cosmetic products
  • Automotive and Marine Paints
  • Coated and used as a pigment
  • Used by artists and painters worldwide
  • Various labeling and wrapping prints
  • Fashion
  • Building and Construction enhancement

Product Description:

ACF-105/Special Effects

Product Designation Nominal Flake Thickness (Microns) Bulk Density (lbs/ft3) Particle Size Distribution (Microns) Surface Treatment Packaging lb (kg)
ACF-105 5 ± 1 26 ± 5 < 150 (0-20%)
300-710 (30-60%)
710-1700 (0-30%)>1700(0%)
None Kraft bag 44lb (20kg)
ACFT*-105 5 ± 1 26 ± 5 Same as ACF-100 Silane see below Sams as ACF-100

*Resin Compatibility of Standard Treatments, T1 – Polyurethane: Product code ACF-T1-100, T2 – Vinylester: Product code ACF-T2-100, T3 – Epoxy: Product code ACF-T3-100, T4 – Polyester: Product code ACF-T4-100

Special Treatments:

Tailored silane treatments may be specified. Ameriflake prides itself on the ability to custom engineer its flake products via manipulations of flake composition, flake physical dimensions, and/or flake surface treatment

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